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Feszo-Trade Kft. has been the representative of the German Harter Gmbh. on the Hungarian market since 1998. The company developed an equipment in the beginning of the 90’s that dries the sludge at a much higher efficiency level than the heater equipments that had been in use until then.

As well it’s energy utilization as it’s drying efficiency is far in excess of the other gas-burner based equipments on the market.

The working principle of the sludge-dryer equipment:

The equipment woks intermittently, the sludge coming out of the pressure filter is fit for processing. The 45 - 50 °C dry air continuously coming overhand and in the process it takes part of the water from the sludge until saturation. This water is later on condenses in the first segment of the coolant loop while the air goes through to the air-heater and after it is heated it gets to the sludge-drying space.

We would like to introduce you to the “U” type sludge-dryer equipment developed by Harter GmbH and Feszo-Trade Kft.

The essential part of the process is that we install the dryer-tank directly below the sludge compactor in which the drying itself is processed. Below the tank is placed the commercial container into which the already dried sludge is discharged. Beside these parts the drying equipment (module) is situtated.
This is a labor- and cost-saving solution because drying is fully automatically controlled needing no human labor. Apart from this the drying equipment is cheaper because there is no need for all the parts of the equipment.

The role of the moisture meter: measuring the moisture content of the air out flowing from the container. Through this the system gives information about the dry matter content of the sludge in the container. With the help of the moisture meter the process is automatic.
It gives the opportunity to switch off the system automatically and give a signal once the moisture content of the air reaches the required level. For the drying of greater quantities of sludge TLGC type of equipments of unique design are produced. For these the cooling-heating unit is totally separated and is attached by a special pipeline to the sludge container.

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