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“Development and initiation into practice of a new, Zink-Nickel (Zn-Ni) alloy electroplating corrosion prevention procedure to be utilized in the motor-car industry”

The aim of the development formulated in the framework of the project is to develop and bring into effect a galvanizing production line capable of the corrosion prevention zinc-nickel alloy electroplating of motor-car industry components.

The current conventional industrial technologies most of the times solve the surface protection with a zinc alloy (or in other word: hard zinc) which is inexpensive, secure and provides a quality more or less acceptable from the corrosion protection aspect.

However, the motor-car industry needs increased corrosion protection that is the hard zinc is not adequate for so in Europe there are already making remarkable efforts to develop technologies capable of the separation of hard zinc alloys.

Through experiments and through practical deployments not widely spread even in Europe that from the aspect of surface protection of metals the highest corrosion protection is provided by the zinc-nickel alloy. This process is currently not in use in Hungary so Hungarian producers lease the motor-car industry component zinc-nickel alloy electroplating for companies abroad. But for this process because of the higher quality requirements and stricter and stricter environment protection requirements a growing need is shown on the home market.

Because of this the aim of the current development is to develop the adaptation technology galvanic electroplating of the zinc-nickel alloy and its introduction into practice.

On the detailed laboratory tests we have developed those plans (installation plan, flow sheet, forming a exhaust system) based on which the implementation can be initiated. The plan documentation gives help for those products also that are not implemented by us but with the help of sub-contractors. The production of the individual parts of the equipment has been done at the different production units (cities of Kecskemét and Ercsi). During the time of the production the installation place was made fit for accepting the would be equipment concerning construction and infrastructure aspects.

Tub production:

The raw materials for the tubs of the zinc-nickel equipment are defined by the technological conditions (laboratory tests) while the sizes are defined by the buyers’ request. After clearing out the conditions we began the production of the tubs. The equipments basically were made of plastic (PP) in certain cases from KO steel.

Exhaust equipment production:

The technology made it necessary to develop an appropriate exhaust system consisting of exhaust spine, chimney and exhaust ventilator.

Building crane way and lobbing equipment:

For production an appropriate steel framework and the attendant lobbing system are required. Productivity made necessary the development of a complete automatic system that provides the continuous and effective production. The system consists of two crane ways (painted coal steel) and two lobbing equipment and the control system for the automatics belonging to it.

Appliance of the ionic exchanger system:

In order to make the zinc-nickel production line work appropriately the appliance of an ionic exchanger is indispensable in order to provide with the appropriate water quality the conditions for efficient production.

After the production of the units the on-the-spot installation that consists of the positioning of the tubs and the appropriate tubing workings. Parallel with the placement of the tubs the lobbing equipment and the ionic exchanger system are installed.

After the complete workings and installation had ended the test run started. During the test run the equipment was tested in a working environment from mechanical and chemical aspects as well.
As a result of the testing we have succeeded on developing an equipment that contributes significantly to the Hungarian metal alloying and to the improvement of Feszo-Trade Kft.