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„DIN EN ISO 14001:2005 qualification by standards at Feszo-Trade Kft”

In 2007 Feszo-Trade Kft. decided to introduce the ISO 14001:2005 standard in the interest of meeting the increasing requirements of the customers.

In order to achive this it called for support and following a successful application the appropriate preparation has started.

After the preparation time, in 2008, the new ISO standard has been introduced wherewith the company’s ISO certification became complete.

„Oxford X-Strata 960 x-ray fluorescent layer thickness measuring equipment and the establishment of a laboratory workplace”

In the second half of 2007 Feszo-Trade Kft. got the opportunity to become the supplier of one of the leading electronic component producer companies in the world. The intention of the procurer was to have the surface treatment of its products to be executed not in Germany but in Hungary.
The appropriate qualification (ISO 9001:2000) and qualitative production of Feszo-Trade Kft. proved themselves to be suitable for the quality assurance controllers of the German parent company to give the company the oppurtinity of supplying.
With the fulfillment of the project and the achievement of decreasing the cost of logistics a more efficient supply can be aimed.

Feszo-Trade Kft. with a nearly 55 million HUF investment, could establish a production unit in its premise in Ercsi, in accordance with the QS 9000 car industry qualification, in which the sample production could have started in the beginning of April.
However, for the continuous fulfillment of the expectations of car industry quality the purchase of a precision layer thickness measuring equipment, a quality assurance workplace, the establishment of a laboratory, the information technology development necessary for this and the appropriate preparation of the employees (car industry requirements, QS 9000) are essential.