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The purpose of the procedure is that the concentration of the pollutants in the air going out from the surface treating plant, do not overstep the line.

The air purifying equipment meets the requirements of the quantity of the imbibed air (appropriate performance) as well as the types of the contaminant that are present in the air.

The air purifying equipment is suitable for the cleaning of the imbibed, contaminated air.

The whole equipment is made of polypropylene and PVC, and inside in it special linings are installed.

The air going through between the sheets looses the contaminant drops and then quits the chimney through a vent.

The circulated water is continuously washed by the circulated water through the nozzles. The plates are periodically cleared by water dispersion that is provided by a built-in pump. The lavatory water is continuously circulated back through the spillway in the drop separator to the tank. In order to avoid the contamination of the lavatory water we continuously add fresh water checked by a rotameter. Accordingly an equal amount of waste-water is passing through the spillway of the tank into the waste-water treatment equipment.

Major advantages:

  • with the equipment the air polluting material emission can be minimized, the concentration of the polluting material will stay below official limit values,
  • the equipment is automated so it does not require expensive workforce,
  • in accordance with the available space it can be deployed in a horizontal or vertical arrangement as well.

Innovative considerations:

Large scale conformity to the buyer requirements and flexibility of production, fitting custom requirements with experimental background based on laboratory assay.

Potential users:

  • Galvanization service provider companies
  • Metalworking and engineering industry enterprises with their own galvanizing production line

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