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Metal retrieval

Our company offers a family of equipments for the retrieval of metals used in the surface treatment in galvanic technology that is capable of retrieving and reintroducing into the galvanic process the occurring 10% wastage of the metals used mainly for silver, copper, tin and nickel plating or galvanization. The return originating from this will pay back the investment for the customer within 3-4 years.

The technology provides a solution for retrieving the metallic ion content of the rinse water used in the process of galvanizing. The essence of the process is that in the galvanizing production line 90% of the galvanic solution adhered to the metal surface cumulates in the saving rinse tank while an additional 10% goes to the running water rinse tank. During the process the electrolysis of the metal ions cumulated in water of the saving rinse tank is made so that 90% of the mentioned metal ions can be retrieved as full value metals. After the electrolysis metallic ions still remain in the solution so the solution is recycled and the electrolysis is repeated. This development can be used for solutions free of chloride ion and for solutions containing chloride ions as well. The aim of this technology is to reintroduce the metals retrieved into the production process. An additional advantage of it is that upon execution the amount of galvanic sludge is lowered and by that also that of the environment and the retrieved metal can also easily recycled.

Major advantages:

  • economic method with a return within 3-4 years for middle sized plants
  • the radical decrease of contamination (galvanic sludge) emission, environment friendly process
  • the metal loss of galvanization can be reduced to 1-2%
  • the costs of the disposal of hazardous waste radically reduced
  • the equipment is automatic does not need expensive labor force

Innovative considerations:

Galvanizing process is widely known, the innovation is the concentration of the solutions with which the metals are retrieved making the rate of the galvanizing loss of metals extremely low.

Potential users:

  • Companies providing galvanizing services
  • Metalworking and engineering industry enterprises with their own galvanizing production line
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